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Professor Sir Michael Rutter contradicted the theory of Maternal Deprivation as developed by Dr John Bowlby after the Second World War. It is largely as the result of his efforts and his seminal work, 'Maternal Deprivation Reassessed; Second Edition' 1982 that we now have the research evidence to prove that even very young children are not damaged by separation from their mothers. This has paved the way for mothers to pursue their own careers and for fathers to fulfil their  true potential as equal parents. Professor Sir Michael Rutter described the book 'even Toddlers Need Fathers' as an 'interesting and informative guide'.


"It was thoughtful of you to enclose a copy of your book 'even Toddlers Need Fathers' and Her Majesty has noted your concerns"
Buckingham Palace, 26 July 2006​


A "history of responsible campaigning and writing on issues relating to family relationships"

Lord Justice Thorpe, Vice President of the UK Family Division, 30 July 2004


"I am very grateful to all those, like yourself who have written and particularly where you have been able to demonstrate your own thinking from the experiences you have had. Congratulations on your battle"
The former Home Secretary, and dad, David Blunkett, 22 March 2005​

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